The Importance of Responsive Web Design in Today’s Online World

Responsive website design in Bucks County takes into account what users want when they come to a website, no matter what device they’re using. This type of design became important as people increasingly gravitated to using the Internet through smartphones and tablets. Even now, large numbers of sites still essentially ignore the mobile devices, leaving users frustrated when they try to accomplish tasks with their phones. What happens then? Often, they simply go to a different site to find what they want. That means a loss of revenue for the owner of the first website they tried.


Offering several versions of the same website may seem pointless to many business owners, especially because doing so isn’t free. However, they must consider this from the consumer’s point of view. Website designers learned early on that they could not ignore one popular browser and create a website that would only work with the other popular model. Today, the issue involves the various devices people use to access websites. Those devices have a range of sizes, screen resolution specifications and more. Websites should automatically respond to these variations. This is a critical component of effective responsive website design in Bucks County.

One fundamental aspect that many people can relate to is the ability of a website to immediately change from portrait to landscape mode when the user turns the device a certain way. People using smartphones don’t even think about this anymore. They intuitively realize, for instance, that an image will be larger in landscape mode, and they turn the phone sideways to see it. Designers have needed to perfect flexibility when they are developing websites that could be viewed on hundreds of devices, considering all the different brands, styles and sizes. In addition, more web browsers are being used than ever before, and that must be taken into account too.

The work of site development has become ever more complex, and having highly skilled programmers in addition to talented graphic designers and content producers is crucial. Software and hardware technology promises to become even more diverse in the future, as consumers have made it clear they prefer the broad range of options available now.